17e Dinard Salon des Artistes – The exhibition Emerald – October 2017

Exhibition Series « L’ Emerald» 17th Dinard Salon des Artistes


"The Emerald"

Fragments juxtaposed Emerald.

In this series, picture after picture, décadrées, cut, sometimes blurred : Women of this place. Pictures of the coast, rocks, shortbread, animated tides and spray .... And the horizon ... and the open sky ... another world opens up before our eyes, a world where borders are vague.

A triad returning : the sky, silhouette, the sea. Breton landscape is defined by the eye of the photographer, a marine world in black and white that evokes the sea, Women on the edge of water ... A siren ? If the goal constantly oscillates between land and sea, women belong to Emerald off. Naiades, sailors, bathers, all submerged whole, or face towards the horizon. The shore is transformed by their presence, he opens them, envelops and protects, enchants, but it is they who charm the ...

The photographer talks about can be of fascination, Love and taste of the unknown ... What they discover in the waves ? Are they on the shore in anticipation of a return ? Their languor takes the form of play and fun ...

Text Anne Chareille